Using a mix of recruiting for experience and training for the future, WIS resources are capable of tackling both old and new technology design, installation, and integration services. TDM to Ethernet, analog to digital, CDMA to LTE…..we go where the technology goes but never forget where we came from.




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WIS is comprised of a very diverse team of experienced professionals. Our recruiting practices, employment criteria, and training programs ensure that all employees are committed to excellence and dedicated to WIS goals and values. From accounting to the warehouse staff, tower climbers to broadcast engineers, project mangers to microwave technicians…our staff has the experience and dedication to meet our client’s needs.


WIS provides numerous training opportunities to its staff, complimenting the strict curriculum of its mandatory training programs. This commitment, combined with verified prior experience and training programs ensures that all WIS staff is prepared to provide the service, quality, and safety our clients expect. Training is provided in areas such as; safety, material ordering, installation specifications, customer relations, testing, organization, management, computer skills, surveying, disaster recovery, engineering, and many, many other industry related topics. Employees are enrolled in specific manufacturer certification courses ranging from microwave radio certification to connector installation certification. Additional opportunities for special management, accounting, engineering, and other educational sessions or classes are also provided. WIS encourages our staff to engage in additional educational opportunities whenever available.


When engaging WIS to support your needs, you can rest assure that staff assigned to your project has the experience, training, and dedication that you expect.


WIS has the resources, skilled management team, and specialized industry experience to ensure quality work and superior customer service on every project. Moreover, WIS’ solid relationship with leading manufacturers and suppliers has positioned the company for continued growth and success for years to come.