WIS is proud to offer a 1 year warranty on services performed. This is standard with all services, and does not increase costs to the client. Simply stated, we stand by our work and are committed to your satisfaction and your system. While a rarity, our response time to any warranty inquiry is immediate.


When engaging WIS in full service projects, or when purchasing equipment, materials, and custom products, WIS will extend all manufacturer warranties to our clients. Unlike many other distributors or equipment resellers, we are here to assist you through the process for all equipment warranty issues. We don’t just refer you to the “800” number of the manufacturer and wish you luck. WIS can assist with RMA, advanced replacement, emergency replacement, tracking, shipping, documentation, and many other warranty related issues. In some cases, WIS can negotiate extended warranties on products purchased through WIS on a full service project.


Our warranty service goes well beyond the replacement of equipment. You can be confidant that in any situation, WIS is prepared and experienced to assist.