WIS employs some of the most experienced tower climbers on the West Coast. Our crews have extensive experience with tower rigging, custom mount fabrication, waveguide bending/routing, sweep testing, and alignment. Simply stated, our crews are some of the best when it comes to microwave system installation and integration.





Antenna System Installation & Integration

Quality, safety, structural integrity, reliability, and aesthetics are all key elements to successful microwave antenna system deployment efforts. Plumb and structurally sound mounts, number, type, and placement of stiff arms, clean waveguide routes and proper bending radius, proper connector installation, dish assembly, rigging, proper grounding, and pressurization specifically impact each system. WIS crews have been trained internally, through Andrew institute, and by other manufacturers. We are never too “good” to learn and all staff is kept up to date on the latest manufacturer specs and training requirements. Your requirements and specifications are always considered as well.


A documented product, reliable system, appealing aesthetics, happy site owner, and a clean site are all trademarks of a WIS microwave installation.