WIS has strong manufacturer and distributer relationships complimented by deep discount structures which greatly enhances our value as a reseller. WIS is able to provide competitive pricing on turnkey projects and equipment only transactions alike. WIS staff is able to assist with planning and design, equipment selection, and project BOM’s as part of our standard service. We offer options and alternatives, adjusting to budgets and needs rather than “pushing” specific manufacturers or product lines. Whether you need a new set of microwave radios, are looking for a manufacturer discontinued piece of used equipment or need a custom antenna mount; WIS is able to assist.




Products and Materials

WIS provides new equipment, used equipment, overstock and custom fabricated materials to the communications industry. Below is a general list of the types of equipment and material WIS can provide you on your next project:


  • Microwave radio systems
  • Microwave antenna systems
  • Transmission lines (coax, waveguide, rigid)
  • Towers and shelters Mounts (Custom and off the shelf)
  • Custom steel structures Ice bridge, ice shields, and support hardware
  • Cross connect, MUX, patch panels
  • Connectors, adaptors, and jumpers
  • Pressurization equipment
  • General tower support hardware (hangers, clamps, etc)
  • Grounding materials
  • Antenna systems (broadcast, wireless, public safety)
  • Lighting systems
  • ENG, camera, and control systems
  • Satellite systems
  • Solar systems
  • DC power and battery back up
  • Outdoor cabinets and enclosures
  • Theft protection


WIS accepts visa, MasterCard, and AMEX. ┬áPlease check our “for sale” page for used and overstock equipment deals. ┬áCheck back often as our inventory changes constantly and please contact us if you don’t find what you are looking for.