Client : SprintNextel (via the broadcaster)

End User : Various broadcasters across the country

Value : $1,900,000.00+

Duration : 11/20/2006 through 1/22/2010

Location : Continental US and Hawaii

Entities Involved : Various broadcasters, SprintNextel, FCC

2 GHz BAS Relocation Project

2 GHz_1

2 GHz_1

Project Description

On 11/22/2004 Sprint Nextel (Nextel at the time) was granted the right to operate on frequencies at the low end of the BAS band, which was predominantly used by broadcasters for fixed link microwave services and ENG transmission. As part of the deal, Sprint Nextel was required to reimburse the broadcaster for equipment, engineering, licensing, and labor costs to relocate their systems out of this spectrum. The broadcaster was able to choose which equipment manufacturer, engineering firm and installer/integrator they wanted to accomplish the task. WIS was selected by over 20 different stations to perform this technical scope of work. In all WIS crews replaced/upgraded/installed 48 fixed link microwave hops and 67 ENG systems. Additionally 11 trucks were retrofitted and countless camera and control systems upgraded.

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