Client : Verizon Wireless

End User : Verizon Wireless

Value : Undisclosed

Duration : 04/05/2013 through 04/30/2013

Location : Indio, CA

Entities Involved : Golden Voice, City of Indio, Empire Polo Grounds, Verizon Wireless

Coachella & Stagecoach Music Festival TEMP Cell Deployment



Project Description

For the third year in a row WIS was called upon by Verizon Wireless to deploy their TEMP cell sites for the Coachella and Stagecoach Music Festivals in Indio, CA.  Coachella is now recognized as the largest music festival in the US with over 170 acts and 500,000 attendees over 2 weekends.  Coachella is followed immediately by one of the largest Country Music Festivals in the US, Stagecoach which draws over 60,000 attendees over one weekend.  Last years usage was the highest ever for a TEMP cell deployment and Verizon didn’t pull any punches with their plans for this year.  WIS deployed 2 complete cell sites, 1 DAS site, one high capacity licensed microwave hop and one millimeter wave high capacity microwave hop in 5 days for the event.  This venue always has hurdles as promoters, vendors and local agencies are all working on top of each other to get stages up, power upgraded, tents built and of course TEMP cell sites on air at the same time.  A lot of coordination, management, flexibility, on the fly engineering and work hours are required to pull off this type of deployment year and year out and the WIS team once again knocked it out the park this year.  Not only meeting the deadlines, but doing it with time to spare, all testing completed and passing and using proper permanent installation standards (no zip ties, missing guys wires, coax laying on the ground, loose antennas moving in the wind, missing grounding or weather proofing on our installations even when time is limited and the installation is considered “temporary”) which makes WIS the best choice for critical TEMP deployment efforts.

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