Client : IVECA

End User : IVECA

Value : $375,000

Duration : 08/21/13 through 12/21/13

Location : Imperial County, CA

Entities Involved : American Tower, Imperial County, Verizon Wireless, SBA, IVECA, IID, San Diego County, and State of California.

IVECA Microwave Loop Complete!



Project Description

Over the last 5 years WIS has been working with IVECA (Imperial Valley Emergency Communications Authority) to develop a reliable, county wide microwave system.  In late 2010 WIS had completed the new site development of the Black Mtn and Ogilby microwave sites, which nearly completed the microwave loop.  Soon after, WIS was tasked with surveying, engineering and licensing the remaining links (including site selection) that would complete the loop.  Due to a number of tower site selection changes for various reasons, WIS and IVECA were finally able to secure the final site needed and quickly went to work on the final engineering and lease.  The site selected was an American Tower owned site at Gordon’s Well.  WIS was able to negotiate a free transfer of a fairly new equipment shelter already installed on site that was abandoned after the Alltel buyout by Verizon Wireless.  This saved IVECA roughly $40,000.00 in project cost.  The overall permitting, microwave system installation and testing, site construction and meter release took 4 months start to finish once leases were signed.  In all, WIS provided a true turnkey solution for IVECA including site acquisition, microwave engineering, surveys, coordination and licensing services, microwave system material procurement, microwave system installation and testing, site construction, generator procurement and permitting, air pollution testing and acceptance for the generator, overall project management, structural and electrical engineering as well as A&E services.  WIS was able to save IVECA money, quickly get the project completed, handle all coordination efforts minimizing the client’s time requirements and by using in-house resources was able to preserve quality, safety and integrity throughout the project. This is a great example of why WIS is the preferred contractor for so many communications entities.

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