Client : KVMD

End User : KVMD

Value : $375,000+

Duration : 6/28/05 through 9/5/06

Location : Snow Peak in San Bernardino County, CA

Entities Involved : KVMD, Merrill Weiss Group LLC, Wayne Goff, San Bernardino County, Banning Water District, Beaumont Water District, Dept of Forestry, ERI and Sabre Towers

KVMD CH 23 DTV Turnkey System Installation



Project Description

WIS was engaged by KVMD to take over this project after years of failed planning approval attempts with the County of San Bernardino.  WIS was able to secure planning approval AND building permits for this project in less than 120 days after we took on the project.  The project included a new 110′ self support tower with a top mounted 55′ tall ERI  broadcast antenna tuned to CH 23 to be located amongst a few other shorter towers nestled on a small piece of private land surrounded by National Forest.  The next challenge after permitting, getting a 55′ long, 1 piece, pressurized, 10,000# broadcast antenna up 8 miles of dirt road through water district and Forestry lands…not to mention the concrete trucks needed to pour 240 yards of concrete for the foundation and crane needed to stack the tower and set the antenna.  After working with two water districts and the Forestry, it was determined that road improvements on the 8 mile access road would be approved, but we could not widen the road, extend the switchbacks or improve the natural stream crossings.  This resulted in the decision to grade the road for the concrete trucks and crane, but we would be flying the antenna up to the site.  The antenna at 10,000#’s getting lifted by a heavy lift chopper with a capacity of 20,000#’s at sea level was almost a no go as well with this site being just over 9,000′ AMSL (you lose a 1,000# lift capacity per 1,000′ in elevation).  So, with bales of hay strapped to the antenna to absorb the landing and ground straps dangling, we landed the antenna right next to the crane as we completed stacking the top section of the tower…perfect timing.  WIS crews quickly completed the 3 1/8″ rigid line, ice bridge, microwave installation, testing and proof after the antenna install and the site was signed off by the County and KVMD with no issues or punch lists.  This was a great project for one of our great clients and as always hats off to our exceptional crews for their outstanding effort on this project.

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