Client : Verizon Wireless

End User : Verizon Wireless

Value : $580,000.00+

Duration : 04/01/2011 through 04/15/2013

Location : Just north of Blythe, CA along the Colorado River

Entities Involved : BLM, Riverside County, SCE, Verizon Wireless, CRIT and various consultants

Big Maria Tower Erection and Microwave System Relocation

Big Maria_1

Big Maria_1

Project Description

Roughly 9 years prior Verizon Wireless had installed a “temporary” shelter and multiple microwave hops at this facility with the intent of eventually upgrading to a new tower due to diversity and height requirements needed to achieve reliability numbers on their microwave systems.  In 2011 they finally received BLM approval for the new tower, but there were multiple design issues with the site.  WIS was awarded the project and began work on the redesign with Verizon’s consultants and BLM.  The largest obstacle was an active power pole and transformer located smack in the middle of the proposed foundation.  Other issues were foundation location, access road easements for users above the site, the new tower location blocking existing microwave hops and various other issues that needed to be ironed out.  The final plan was developed and approved and WIS built a new meter frame and pad and relocated Riverside County and Verizon service to this new location.  Additionally the Riverside County propane tank for their backup generator was relocated and re-plumbed to allow room for the foundation to move allowing enough room for vehicle access to the sites located on the road beyond the proposed new tower location.  After the meters were relocated and service cutover, SCE had to work through BLM and environmental agencies to obtain approval to relocate the power poles feeding these sites, which took over 9 months to complete.  At this point WIS was able to get back to work on the task at hand and we quickly poured the foundation and erected the new Valmont 800 series 185′ 4 leg self support tower.  The access road was graded for concrete truck and crane access.  Tortoise fencing was employed and inspected throughout the project to ensure no danger to them and when the dust settled all surrounding disturbed areas were returned back to the natural looking environment.  The final stage of the project included the upgrade of 4 microwave links from single route Constellation and MDR4000 radios to multiple route MPR radios. WIS microwave crews and technicians completed this work without a hitch and now Verizon Wireless has redundant, SD, high capacity Ethernet microwave back-bones in place to support its new LTE network in the area.

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