Client : Alcatel-Lucent

End User : Riverside County Information Technology (RCIT)

Value : $1,800,000.00+

Duration : 03/21/2010 through 07/08/2012

Location : Throughout Riverside County, CA

Entities Involved : Alcatel-Lucent, RCIT, Motorola, American Tower

RCIT PSEC Microwave System Deployment



Project Description

WIS was engaged by Alcatel-Lucent to install, re-route or upgrade 62 microwave hops for the new Motorola radio public safety communications system deployed for RCIT.  WIS provided planning, management, coordination, survey, warehousing, installation and testing services for the entire microwave portion of the project.  WIS staff worked closely with ALU, Motorola and RCIT on scheduling, processes, installation specs, procedures, MOP’s, cutover plans, integration and final deliverables for the project.  Battling delays due to construction, mother nature or other outside influences, WIS was able to stay on schedule and meet the turn up date requirements set forth by Motorola and RCIT.  WIS crews installed 136 microwave dishes and ran over 12,000′ of waveguide in the upper 6, lower 6 and 10/11 GHz bands on this project….that is more than 2 miles of waveguide!  WIS technicians installed all new MDR8000 radios as well as new DSX panels, alarm wiring and punch blocks and new DC power systems at nearly every site.  The technician team wire wrapped over 3,000 T1’s on the system.  While many of these hops were new, there were a handful of complex hot-cuts and system re-routes that WIS handled flawlessly.  This is where WIS crews really shine; complex cutovers of critical microwave communication systems.  WIS puts in the time and planning, utilizing the proper resources and effective communication to ensure these type of cutovers go smoothly and our clients can rest easy.

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