Client : NBC Universal

End User : NBC Universal

Value : $550,000+

Duration : 05/18/2011 through 03/18/2014

Location : Los Angeles, CA

Entities Involved : NBC Universal, Universal Studios, Los Angeles County, KNBC, KVEA, Net News, Diversified Systems and CW Driver

WIS relocates NBC microwave systems to Universal Studios



Project Description

In early 2011 NBC Universal began planning the complete studio relocation from Burbank to Universal Studios…….a massive undertaking to put it bluntly.  WIS was engaged in mid 2011 to support the RF infrastructure planning and design phase of the project.   The first goal was to identify dish size and placement for the 16 new microwave antennas.  WIS reviewed existing engineering, performed site and LOS surveys and provided new engineering and proposed dish placement based on Fresnel zone clearance, reliability and aesthetics.  The final design would include 3 separate building rooftops to support the required microwave dishes with all buildings being tied together with fiber.  WIS was retained to consult throughout the development of the rest of the project to ensure the microwave systems would not be compromised during the construction of the facilities.  Once final permitting and construction designs were complete and site construction began, WIS ordered the new dishes, waveguide and ancillary support infrastructure in preparation of the installation.  Installation of the antenna systems were completed in phases, one building at a time as construction was completed.  Once the infrastructure installation was completed and the antennas were pre-aligned to the existing remote sites as much as possible, WIS began working with the group on the cutover plan.  Each link was carefully scheduled for a “hotcut” with WIS teams at the remote ends to complete final alignment as the radios were relocated from the old studio.  In all, the project included the installation, testing and integration of 16 microwave links with nearly 30 microwave radios, 2 ENG’s, 1 camera, a handful of 2-way antenna systems and the entire infrastructure that goes with it.  WIS is very proud and extremely grateful to have been chosen as a partner on this project by NBC Universal.

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