Proper installation of antenna systems for public safety communication is critical. WIS crews are trained and certified in the proper installation of antennas, mounts, transmission line, connectors, jumpers, grounding (R56), weather proofing, and support hardware. Bending radius, drip loops, lightning protection, structural integrity, proper azimuth, drain holes, weather proofing, proper connector installation and aesthetics are always considered when installing any antenna system. From simple GPS antenna installations to complicated simulcast network installations, you can trust that your system will maintain its reliability and integrity in the harshest environment and most critical time.





Antenna Systems

WIS proudly supports public safety organizations and offers a full compliment of unparelleled service in the following disciplines:


  • Planning, design and engineering
  • Mount design, fabrication, and installation
  • Cable tray, ice bridge, waveguide, and support system infrastructure
  • R56 grounding
  • Transmission line installation and sweep testing
  • Antenna installation (whip, panel, cardiod, GPS, satellite, microwave, etc)
  • Amplifiers, diplexers, power dividers, splitters, polyphasers, etc
  • Jumpers
  • Cushions, hangers, hoist grips, and support hardware
  • Azimuth and downtilt adjustments and verification
  • System audits
  • Upgrades and change outs
  • Troubleshooting and repairs
  • Maintenance
  • General tower maintenance and upgrades
  • Emergency support and response