Maximize revenue and minimize risk with WIS site management and consulting services. WIS understands what future tenants are looking for in a site. We are experts at communicating and provide a streamlined, single source option for both tenant and site owner needs. We understand zoning and permitting requirements, are experienced with all types of communication systems from broadcast to wireless, and everything in between. We ensure your site is safe, clean, secure, insurable, and operational.



Site Management

WIS is proud to offer the following site management and consulting services:


  • Site marketing
  • Client/tenant interface, feasibility review, and tenant system requirement assessment
  • As-builts, tower audits, A&E, structural analysis, and site plans
  • All phases of permitting
  • All phases of construction and installation
  • Compliance review (OSHA, City, County, State, Federal, Environmental, Fire, etc.)
  • Inspection services
  • Monitoring
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Site upgrades and restoration
  • Emergency response


WIS is not a site owner and has elected to utilize its skills and resources to package these services for our clients rather than compete with them for site lease revenues. We are extremely flexible and all services are scalable to your needs and business models. We currently provide site management and consulting services to a number of clients on high profile, revenue generating sites in Southern California and are currently expanding our service area to meet client requests.