Microwave Systems

Microwave related service is one of our core competencies and every WIS team member is committed to complete customer satisfaction in all aspects of this discipline. We are continually updating certifications, training staff on new products, and reviewing age old industry standards. WIS believes in and is committed to ensuring every microwave project will not only meet reliability standards, but will stand the test of time, weather, and 3rd party audits (including site owners and governing agencies such as the FCC). On top of this, we believe every WIS installation should look better than the rest.


Description of services:


  • Project management
  • Project coordination
  • LOS surveys, donor searches and site selection
  • System design, engineering, coordination and licensing
  • Antenna system installation and testing
  • Radio system installation, testing and integration
  • Factory, bench, field testing and acceptance
  • Complete system rental and leasing
  • System upgrades
  • Emergency support, troubleshooting and maintenance