WIS provides first response communication services to public safety organizations, wireless carriers, broadcasters, cable operators, and other communication service providers. We have supported these clients during special events,  national emergencies, local disasters, earthquakes, power outages, and test runs. WIS crews and resources have been engaged in Hurricane Katrina clean up and restoration, two major San Diego County wild fire events, many other CA wild fires, earthquakes, public threat mitigation and investigation situations and numerous weather related events. We have provided equipment, planning, management, logistics support, repairs, replacement, TEMP facilities, on site tech support, rental equipment, and many other services to our clients in these emergency situations and are well prepared for future needs.



COW/Temp/Emergency Services

WIS provides the following COW/TEMP/Emergency support services:


  • TEMP microwave system deployment, including equipment rental
  • TEMP shelters and trailers
  • TEMP cell antenna system installation and testing including PIM
  • On site tech support
  • Management, monitoring, and logistics
  • Temp pole, tower and structure erection
  • TEMP power and telco facilities
  • Fueling and stocking
  • Storage
  • Site, building, and tower repairs
  • Emergency equipment replacement
  • Material/equipment procurement, testing, and tracking
  • Site clean up and restoration
  • Site development and re-builds, including planning through construction


Whether deploying a COW for a special event or responding to an emergency situation, you can trust WIS to get you on air quickly.