WIS routinely perform troubleshooting services to the wireless community. With well versed techs in virtually all wireless systems deployed today, our techs can tackle a wide range of issues. When dispatching WIS, you can trust that your site issues will be reviewed and repaired by qualified staff using the latest test equipment and tools.




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WIS has experience troubleshooting the following systems:


  • Microwave systems- antenna, radio, and cross connects
  • Telco and Fiber
  • Alarm systems
  • AC power systems
  • DC power systems
  • BTS systems
  • Generators
  • Wireless antenna systems
  • GPS systems
  • Grounding systems
  • Site infrastructure
  • Structures and mounts
  • Shelters, tenant improvements, and clean rooms



WIS techs travel with sweep gear, safety equipment, hand tools, power tools, 4×4 trucks, meters, analyzers, laptops, and communications when dispatched. Depending on the details provided by the client, WIS may dispatch certified tower crews with highly trained technicians to verify antenna systems, alignments, weather proofing, structural integrity, etc. No matter what the issue, WIS has quick response times and an extremely high first visit success rate, even when limited information is provided or available from the client.